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If you're a Music Artist who needs some direction and technical support when it comes to Marketing and Production, then this is the package for you. We take you through Brand Identity, Music and Video production and also help you market your content on all platforms.

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If you are interested in these services please fill in the application below. Limited spaces available.


The best part. During the Production stages artists will record their music and shoot their music videos. This is a fun and collaborative process where the musican works with a Sound Engineer to perfect their sound and works with a Content Creator to lock in the look of their visual.

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When we have a content strategy plan in place, we create deadlines for up and coming releases. We will run Pre-release marketing campaigns to build engagement and music video trailers for all handles. We analyse your results and implement what we have learnt about your brand in the next campaign to constantly strive for progression.

Finally, your music is released on to all platforms so that you can start to earn revenue from your releases. (All platforms include Itunes, Spotify and Apple Music).

Music Apps


This is the set up stage. Having a unique and memorable branding is vital for any successful brand. This is often missed by many but when implemented and used consistently can change the persona of a brand for ever. All artists will get unique Logos and graphics created. We will set up and manage all social handles such as Instagram, Facebook and set up a VEVO account on Youtube for your content.

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Nows your time to impress us.

Due to recent demand in our artist development package, We are only taking on artists who we connect with the most.

Thanks for submitting!

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